Brief Summary of the Responsible Conduct of Research and Grant Writing Workshops Stepdown Held by MEPIN , University of Jos.


The stepdown workshops were held in collaboration with the Office of Research and Development (ORD) of the University of Jos. The ORD participated throughout the planning and holding of the workshops.

Invited participants at the workshops cut across all the faculties in the University. The Office of Research and Development was mandated to invite up to eighty (80) participants from the university to attend the two Workshops. There were also participants from the Nigerian Film Institute, and affiliate institution of the University of Jos.

The workshops held on 14-15 March, 2012 and 20-21 March, 2012 amidst the fears of insecurity in Jos at that period. The workshops were held in the Conference Hall of the APIN Centre, in the old site of the Jos University Teaching Hospital.

The Fogarty fellows on ground, Dr Oche Agbaji, Dr Jonah Musa, Dr Samuel Odeh and Dr Maxwell Akanbi,  handled most of the topics with assistance from others who had attended the workshops in Ibadan in June 2011. The Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences,  Prof. Nuhu Dakum, was at the workshop to give a welcoming and also delivered one of the lectures.

During the workshops, many discussions came up and participants reached certain resolutions and decided some of the issues be put together in form of a communiqué to be sent to the university management. Some of the issues are:

  1. The University should set up an Institutional Research Board (IRB): Its work should cover all human and animal subjects research
  2. The University should upgrade the standard of the animal house
  3. Every proposal for research should go through the IRB
  4. The University should encourage team research

At the end of the workshops, a cross section of participants remarked that they had learnt a lot. Though it had started on a ‘medical’ not, it went on to benefit all the branches of knowledge represented. They said the workshop was very relevant and will help them come up with better researches henceforth.

In closing, the MEPIN Unijos PI, Prof. A. S. Sagay appreciated the participants for coming and urged that the lessons learnt be put to good and immediate use. Each participant received a certificate, a workshop CD at the end of the workshop.


Pictures from the workshop